Monday, July 5, 2010

Penang Road Famous Teowchew Chendul at Komtar Walk

Talk about cendol in Penang and the Penang Road famous Teow Chew cendol roadside stall will come to mind. I hate to say this but being a proud Penangite, I am guilty of never trying the cendol at the infamous stall. I think this is unforgiven of a local when throngs of tourists flock to the stall just to try the green coloured noodle (usually derived from pandan leaf) with palm sugar and coconut milk dessert.

When we found out the the Penang Road Famous Teow Chew Cendul stall owner opened a cafe at Komtar Walk, it gave us a reason to check out the place and the famous cendol. I liked the cafe decor which is tastefully done with the old coffee shop style chairs and tables.

Chendul Original RM2.50

The green cendol noodle was chewy and fragrant, and you could tell that it was still very fresh.

Ice Cream Ice Blended RM5.50

Pegaga & Lemon Drink RM2.50

Penang Road Teowchew Laksa RM4.50

Cute baby chairs

Shop owner with Penang Chief Minister Mr Lim Guan Eng

I asked one of the waiters about the apparent lack of business at the cafe despite the air-conditioned outlet being more comfortable and just a stone's throw away from the Penang Road stall. I was told that many still was not willing to pay a premium for the cendol sold at the outlet.

Why don't you give this outlet a try the next time you crave for the Penang Road famous cendol? :)


cariso said...

I guess it's worth the price since it has now air-cond'ed and more comfortable seatings available.

s.c.tan said...

I think the food handlers look a bit raggard and should learn some basic food hygiene.e.g when I was there, I saw one of the ladies moping the floor and then went straight to prepare some laksa.

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