Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rochester Ginger Drink

The Rochester Ginger drink is a traditional non-alcoholic ginger drink made to a Dickensian recipe. The tagline on the bottle reads "With the kick of two very angry mules", which I find very funny.

The drink is a product of United Kingdom and is distributed by the Ma Ma Mi Shop at Queensbay Mall (inside Jaya Jusco, next to Eu Yan Sang).

"Rochester Ginger is a trip down memory lane, a traditional ginger drink, without the need for alcohol. Smooth, clean and crisp, with a satisfying kick that lingers."

It is made of water infusion of ginger (14%), raisin, cowslip and elderflower, raw cane sugar, citric acid and caramel (with preservative).

It is spicy and not too sweet. The drink is very special and indeed satisfying; it will keep you asking for more. Great as an after dinner drink.
It retails at RM38.50 per 725ml bottle.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Beijing Roasted Duck Chicken Rice at Loong Heng

The chicken rice and roasted duck at Kedai Makanan Loong Heng (Pulau Tikus, same row as Yataimura) is apparently quite famous. I think I have tasted far better roasted duck but I sure liked the wide selection of steamed soup.

Roast Pork, Duck and Chicken

Egg and Beancurd

Bai Xiang Ting Restaurant

** Latest update: Bai Xiang Ting has since ceased operation **

Bai Xiang Ting serves primarily roast meat e.g. roast chicken, roast duck, roast pork belly and sweet barbecued pork.

Roast chicken and roast pork belly

Roast Duck
Overall, I like the roast duck and barbecued pork. The environment is comfortable for a chicken rice shop, with air-cond etc.
Bai Xiang Ting Restaurant
1-1-10, Krystal Point Corporate Park
Jalan Tun Dr Awang
11900 Bayan LepasPenang
Tel: 012-4012316 (Alex Quah)
Business Hour: 11.30am - 2.30pm, 6.00pm to 9.00pm (Closed on Wednesday)
See review by Food Paradise

Penang Home Made Pineapple Pastry

I chanced upon this from the Malaysia Food Promotions Blog and decided to give it a try. I called the number and was told that it is also retailed at the fruit stall cum snacks shop in front of the Snake Temple.

It is home made and free from preservative and artificial colouring. The fillings were fresh and the pastry skin quite crispy. Worth a try for pineapple tart or pineapple pastry lovers.

Call 019-477 5581/016-464 2523 to cater for special occasions.
1 box (35g x 6 pastries - pineapple) - RM7
1 box (35g x 6 pastries - strawberry) - RM8

Chikuma Japanese Restaurant

Chikuma is a Japanese Restaurant at Gembira Parade. We happened to be around the area one day and decided to give it a try.

Sashimi Set (RM22)

Deep Fried Oysters with Bread Crumb Light Set RM12.90

The service was fast, price reasonable and the food okay if you need a quick Japanese food fix around this area.

18-1-5 Lorong Delima 1 Penang
Tel: 04-6565521

Business Hours: 12 pm to 3.15 pm / 6pm – 9:45pm (Closed on Monday)

** Chikuma has since opened a new outlet at Sunway Tunas **

Add: 38-G, Persiaran Mahsuri 2

Sunway Tunas, Bayan Lepas,11900 Penang

Tel: 04-6466625

Chili's Bottomless Tostadas

We always go back to Chillis when we crave their bottomless tostadas chips. It is just RM10.95 and you can have all the tostadas you fancy, dipped in their house-made salsa.

Big Mouth Bites (RM22.95)
Mini beef burgers topped with beef bacon, cheese, sauteed onions and Ranch dressing on sesame seed buns. Served with onion strings and jalapeno ranch dressing

Southwestern Beef Ribs Soup (RM11.95)

Friday, January 22, 2010

BJ Home Made Bakery House

BJ Homemade Bakery House is famous for quite a number of its specialties, one of them being its mooncakes. They look like Shanghainese mooncakes with a crispy outer layer and lotus paste filling (with or without yolk). They are made a little larger than bites sizes so you can eat the whole mooncake without feeling too guilty :)

She also makes local delicacies like tapioca kuih, sago kuih, sweet potato kuih, tarts, cream puffs, cakes etc. I absolutely love her cream puffs with fresh cream filling (chilled) and tapioca kuih.

BJ Bakery House
35, Lorong Relau 1, Sungai Nibong, 11900 Penang
Contact Number: 04-6440219/ 012-4524893

The Brasserie - Festive Semi Buffet Lunch

Thanks to PenangTuaPui's great review, I organized a team X'mas lunch at the Brasserie with their Festive Semi Buffet Lunch. We all opted for the Chef's Special at RM88nett per pax.

Chef's Special - Lamb Shank

Chefs Special - Lobster, Prawn & Cod

Chef's Special - Lobster, Prawn & Salmon

The thing we liked about The Brasserie's semi buffet lunch was the generous appetizer and dessert buffet spread, it's value-for-money and of course the great food.


Fresh oysters


Smoked Salmon

Salads and Cold Cuts


Gingerbread House

X'mas Log

X'mas Stollen

X'mas Cupcakes

We also bought their cute X'mas cupcakes at RM29.90 per box of four.

TRADERS HOTEL, PENANG Magazine Road 10300 Penang, Malaysia.

Fax (04) 262 6526 Email

For reservations please call Tel: 04 262 2622

Friday, January 8, 2010


I was in Japan (Tokyo, Kawasaki, Shinagawa, Yokohama) for a week in November 2009 and I can't say enough how much I loved the place and the food! Thanks to friends who were such great hosts, I had the opportunity to visit a few famous tourist destinations and tried so many types of great Japanese food.


Rockets with Salmon and Tuna


Karaage (Fried) Chicken

Deep Fried Sweet Potato

Rockets with Salmon and Squid

Deep Fried Lotus Root with Prawns

Deep Fried Prawns Salad with Mayonaisse

Sweet Sake (hot sweet sake, a little too sweet but good on a cold winter day)

Meiji Jingu Shrine

Interesting toilet sign

Radish salad

Dean & Deluca

Ramen with Seafood Soup Base
I simply love the chewy and tangy ramen and the excellent seafood soup base which was not too 'porky'

Rice Crackers


Deep Fried Japanese Sweets

Takoyaki Octopus Ball


Japanese Salad with Dried Schrimps and Cottage Cheese


Doutor is a Japan home grown coffee franchise chain. I simply loved its green tea latte.

Mille Crepe

Steamed Beef with Sesame Dip

Deep Fried Potato with Enoki Mushroom


Grilled Mushroom

Salad (I just love the greens and Japanese style dressing)

Smoked Salmon

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (Yokohama)

Snail (Appetizer)

Greens with Sesame Dressing and Deep Fried Prawns


Deep Fried Sweet Potato with Honey and Mayonaise Dip

BBQ Hot Plate Beef

Sesame Ice Cream with Red Bean

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