Sunday, August 22, 2010

Starduzz Jelly Mooncakes to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner. If you are spoilt for choice and can't decide which mooncake to buy, try jelly mooncakes!

Jelly mooncakes are gaining popularity in the recent years, especially among the health-conscious. Starduzz Homemade Delicacies also makes these dainty and colourful jelly mooncakes.

The Starduzz jelly mooncakes are made with real fruits and natural ingredients. No preservative is added and only natural fruit colouring is used. They are best eaten chilled and while fresh. (Not for Vegetarian)

The mooncakes come in six different flavours and fillings i.e. Nangka (Jackfruit), Cendol, Strawberry Yogurt, Kiwi with Sesame Seeds, Dragon Fruit and Cappucino for coffee lovers.

Nangka (Jackfruit)

Strawberry Yogurt

Kiwi with Sesame Seeds

The mooncakes are sold in a box of four with each mooncake priced at RM6.

A box of four jelly mooncakes (RM24)

Every jelly mooncake flavour and filling is unique in its' own way and equally good. The Nangka mooncake is rich and has real nangka flesh.

Real nangka flesh
Coconut and cendol filling

The fragrant brown sugar jelly with coconut and cendol filling is a great combination. This Cendol mooncake is our family's favourite

Real strawberry flesh

The Strawberry Yogurt mooncake is little sourish but very light. I love its refreshing taste and real strawberry flesh.

Black sesame filling

The kiwi and black sesame combination is surprisingly good. The sweetness from the sesame filling complements the sourish kiwi jelly. A unique concoction indeed.

The jelly mooncakes are packed in a nice paper box, ideal for giving away as gifts to relatives, associates and friends.

Call now to order. Delivery available for orders above 10 boxes.

Starduzz Homemade Delicacies
Sharon (012-4239025) or Foong (012-4770962)



hey,i very interest about yr jelly mooncake,can i know how much?

My Food Fetish said...

Hi Peaceful, these mooncakes are from Starduzz Homemade Delicacies. They are priced at RM24 for a box of four jelly mooncakes. You may contact Sharon (012-4239025) or Foong (012-4770962) to order.

Anonymous said...

May I know the price and flavours still the same for this year?

My Food Fetish said...

Hi Anonymous, please contact Sharon at 012-4239025 for more details. Thanks.

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