Friday, March 19, 2010

Goh Teo Kee Taman Sri Nibong

We were back at Goh Teo Kee Sungai Nibong for Grandaunt Rebecca and Granduncle Yip's farewell dinner before they left for their home in Canada.

The Sungai Nibong outlet serves primarily Teowchew cuisine and Goh Teo Kee is probably one of the more famous Teowchew restaurants in Penang. They have a very elaborate menu at quite an affordable price.

Curry Kapitan Pork Ribs

Stir Fried Green Bean and Lady Finger

Braised Teowchew Toufu with Green Leek

Dinner is served!

Stir Fried Fresh Oyster

Atlantic King Cod

Fresh Sea White Prawn

Stewed Dried Seafood Claypot

Oyster Noodle

Teochew Yam Paste with Glazed Gingko Nuts

We ordered the RM298 set (for 10 to 12 pax). However, since we had 13 adults and 3 small children, we had to split into two tables so they offered to divide the food into two portions for us.

The set came with all of the above including Double Boiled Soup except the Oyster Noodle which we ordered additionally.
Food was good as usual except for the soup which was a tad too salty for our taste.

Goh Teo Kee Taman Sri Nibong
2 & 2A Jalan Bukit Kecil Satu,
Taman Sri Nibong, Sungai Nibong,
11900 Penang Malaysia
Tel: 04-6465072, 012-4737218

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