Friday, September 11, 2009

Balik Pulau Laksa at Nan Guang Coffee Shop

I happended to be in Balik Pulau so I decided to have the Balik Pulau famous laksa. This laksa stall is the one next to the market at the Nan Guang coffee shop.

This laksa stall is one of the most famous laksa stalls in Penang. It was recently featured in The Star Sunday Metro (national edition). Apparently the original owners, Ewe Chooi Gua and his wife retired last year and the business was sold to John Martin.

Asam Laksa (RM2.50)

The stalls sells two types of laksa, the Asam Laksa and Siam Laksa. The Asam Laksa is what you see above with a sourish-based soup with lots of fish meat, cucumber and pineapple. The Siam Laksa is the 'lemak' version with coconut milk, lemon grass and kaffir leaves, a little milky like curry mee.

Both types of laksa are equally as good. Some say the Asam Laksa served here is good because it tastes like how their mom would cook it with generous serving of chunks of fish meat. The Siam Laksa is my personal favourite, very aromatic and 'lemak'. The laksa noodles are also very springy.

Fresh Nutmeg Juice (RM1.50)

Balik Pulau is also famous for its nutmeg production. Nothing beats a glass of cold fresh nutmeg juice. Very refreshing.

Balik Pulau Asam Laksa
Nan Guang Coffee Shop
67 Main Road Balik Pulau
Opens 11 am - 5 pm (Closed on Wednesdays)

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