Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bangkok Lane Special Pork Satay

If you happen to be at Bangkok Lane on a Saturday morning, look out for a humble pushcart stall selling pork satay somewhere in the middle of the Bangkok Lane stretch. Apparently, there are very few stalls left in Penang selling this type of pork satay aka Nyonya style satay.

This stall is owned and manned by owner Uncle Aun and his wife and they are so famous that they have been featured in Rasa Rasa Penang and some local dailies. The secret to the satay is the special sweet potato sauce which is very different from the normal peanut sauce elsewhere. You can also order toast bread to go with the satay and special sauce. The satay is sold at RM0.50 per stick and toast bread at RM0.50 per piece.

As mentioned by some bloggers, Uncle Aun can be quite elusive partly because he is already in a semi-retirement mode nowadays. Though the stall is normally open on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 8 am to 12 Noon (sometimes he may close earlier if business is good), he can go missing-in-action for weeks. When asked where he had been, he will tell you that he went on a holiday :)

Toast Bread

Special sweet potato sauce

Coconut milk with cumin to dab on satay and toast

Uncle Aun or Mr Tong inherited the pork satay stall from his father who was once also a very famous satay seller in Penang. His father used to carry the satay stove on a kandar stick selling satay around Penang.

I remember eating Uncle Aun's satay when I was growing up when he used to cycle on his tricycle pushcart stall around Penang but now he just sticks to Bangkok Lane or sometimes at the Jalan Thaton makeshift hawker centre if there's leftover from Bangkok Lane (which is not very often).

Uncle Aun in action

Business at Bangkok Lane is so good especially on Saturdays that you may need to leave dissapointed if you do not order earlier. During the 1/2 hour we were there, at least 10 cars stopped by to either order or to pick up their order (some had to leave dissapointed because by 11:45 am, all the satays were sold out). Some opted to just stand next to the stall and eat the satay steaming hot, right out of the stove.

P/S: Be prepared to wait after you order as the queqe is normally very long.

Uncle Aun can also cater for functions but please book in advance.

Bangkok Lane Pork Satay
Ah Aun / Mr Tong
Tel: 016-468 8869

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