Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Amelie Cafe

Amelie Café is a quaint little café at Armenian Street, in the heart of the Penang heritage trail. It is located right next to Cheah Kongsi (I think the Amelie Café building is owned and is part of Cheah Kongsi), and a few doors down the road from another cafe Edelweiss, which serves primarily Swiss on its menu .

I have read a lot of good things about Amelie Café from bloggers like Lingzie etc. so one early Saturday morning, after having one hour to kill, I decided to pay the café a visit.

I was already parked right in front of the café at 9:50 am. At a little over 10 am a man opened the door. (I read from somewhere that the café is owned by business partners Huang and Yen so I suppose he must be one of the two).

The place is small with only two small square tables and a small long table on the ground floor and a few more small tables upstairs. Once seated, I was given a simple handpainted menu. The menu with the specials of the day was written on a small patch on the wall which was painted black. I also read from somewhere that they only use recycled objects in the cafe so that explains the use of recycled jam jars as containers for drinks etc.

I had a feeling that the owners must be really artistic people. There are a lot of hand drawn pictures and motives on the wall or on wood planks which are hung on the wall.

I ordered a Jackfruit Yogurt Smoothie and an Egg and Cheese Bagel. The smoothie which was made with fresh jackfruit was special and refreshing. The bagel was toasted warm and crispy on the outside with lots of poppy seeds and accompanied by a generous serving of fresh salad. I loved the abundance of olives in the salad. The bill came to around RM20+.

Egg and Cheese Bagel

Jackfruit Yogurt Smoothie

There is no pretense about Amelie Café, what you see if what you get. It really is a place with character. I think it will be fairly difficult not to fall in love with it.

I am very sure I'll be back. The next time with hubs in tow... :)

No 6, Armenian Street
10200, Penang
(next to Cheah Kongsi)
Phone: +6012 496 783


New Kid on the Blog said...

I went last Monday, didn't know they didn't open. It was rather disappointed. Looks like gotta find sometime to visit this place... :)

Thanks for sharing!

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

I loves their design.^-^

My Food Fetish said...

NKOTB, Food Paradise: Yes, you must try Amelie Cafe. It's really special in its' own ways...

My Food Fetish said...

NKOTB, Food Paradise: Yes, you must try Amelie Cafe. It's really special in its' own ways...

ck lam said...

Nice intro to this cafe...Will like to drop in one day.

My Food Fetish said...

Yes CK, you should try this :)

New Kid on the Blog said...

I finally went... and about to post it soon. :)


hi there , came across your blog ... good and nice sharing for penang food .. its awesome , and emelie is the next for me to visit . Keep sharing ! great work :D


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