Monday, October 25, 2010

Aza Aza Starvil Korean Cuisine and BBQ Restaurant

Aza Aza Starvil is a new Korean and BBQ restaurant opposite Queensbay Mall, next to where Max restaurant used to be (I wonder what happened to Max restaurant?). The restaurant has only been opened for a month. It is owned by a Korean family and the chefs are also Koreans so I guess you can bet on the authenticity of the food served here.
Home made rice crackers
Sausage, Crab Stick and Pepper

The menu is rather limited for now as the restaurant is still in its soft launch period but we were told they will add more items to the menu after the official launch.

The side dishes are simple but not without a twist. Take the home made fried rice crackers for example. It was fried and sprinkled with some sugar.  Definitely not something I usually find at a Korean restaurant.


We were served by a waitress who was very attentive. She even took the effort to explain every item on the menu and recommended to us the house specialties and gave us a complimentary glass of Lime Tea. We gladly obliged and ordered the highly recommended Aza Aza Special BBQ with house signature spicy marinated pork. The barbecue meat is served with the usual side dishes and lettuce leaves. We also ordered another set meal with Doenjang Jjigae which is a rich soy bean paste broth with tofu and vegetables and served with rice. The soup was flavourful and spicy. A great combination indeed.

Aza Aza Special BBQ (RM23.90)

Doenjang Jjigae (RM15.90)

Aza Aza Special BBQ

The drinks menu is limited but it didn’t stop us from ordering some interesting drinks – Signature Mixed Fruit Tea and Lemon Makkoli Cocktail. The cocktail is served in an interesting bowl / cup with a spoon. The cocktail was refreshing with a slice of lemon and has a subtle alcohol taste. It’s worth a try if you want a light alcoholic drink to go with your barbecue meat.

 Signature Mixed Fruit Tea (RM4.90) and Lemon Makkoli Cocktail (RM8.90)

We also ordered a Korean summer dessert which is shaved ice with ice cream, red bean, fruits and cereal flakes.
Patbingsu (RM5.90)

Overall, the service was prompt and the restaurant was sufficiently staffed. They even took the trouble to change our barbecue plate three times to remove the burnt residue. How nice of them!


cariso said...

Wow, more and more Korean restaurants are opening! Great news for all the food hunters! :)

gill gill said...

Their service is good, especially the manager, friendly.

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