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All-You-Can-Eat Dim Sum at Golden Sands Resort Lobby Lounge

*** Updates as at 26 October 2011: The Garden Cafe has since stopped offering the All-You-Can-Eat dim sum promotion ***

Fancy a Yum Cha session in a tropical garden setting by the beach? Then head on to Golden Sands Resort in Batu Ferringhi Penang for the All-You-Can-Eat dim sum fare at its Garden Cafe or Lobby Lounge. You can choose to savour the mouth watering dim sum for either brunch, lunch or tea because the session runs from 12 Noon to 4 pm daily.

It was really nice of Golden Sands to invite us to try out their All-You-Can-Eat Dim Sum which has just been introduced since July this year. The setting of the dim sum fare at the Lobby Lounge or Garden Cafe is ideal for a relaxed afternoon tea session, the Oriental way.

You may choose from a list of up to 30 choices of steamed and deep fried dim sum. You will find Dim Sum favourites such as delicious steamed prawn dumplings, Shanghai chicken buns, parsley shark's fin dumplings, deep-fried diced BBQ chicken with yam, baked BBQ chicken puffs, seafood rolls with scallop, deep-fried Golden Pear dumplings and more on the menu.


Watermelon Seed Ball (chicken and prawn paste, diced carrot, water chestnut, watermelon seed, rolled into balls and deep fried), Golden Pear Dumpling (curry vegetable, stuffed in glutinuos flour dough, crumbed and deep fried)

To save space, a variety of dim sum is served on one plate. To ensure that everyone gets to taste the dim sum, e.g. four pieces of the same dim sum will be served for a company of four pax. The dim sum is only prepared when ordered.

Seaweed Siew Mai
Minced chicken, prawn, mushroomand seaweed wrapped with glutinous rice wrapper, served steamed

Parsley Sharks Fin Dumpling
Marinated chicken, prawn, mushroom and parsley, wrapped with wantan skin, served steamed

Prawn Dumpling
Prawn meat wrapped with crystal glutinous rice fluor wrapper, served steamed

Hong Kong Style Lotus Leaf Rice
An ultimate steamed rice in lotus leaf with chicken, mushroom, dried prawn and egg

Parsley dumpling (minced chicken, prawn, parsley and mushroom, wrapped with spinach wantan, served steamed), Spinach roll with chicken toast (chicken toast with minced chicken, prawn, wrapped with spinach wantan skin, served steamed)

Siew Mai (steamed wantan skin wrapped with minced chicken, prawn and mushroom), Chicken crown dumpling (chicken and prawn meat, wrapped with crystal glutinuos rice fluor wrapper, served steamed)

Jade roll (combination of minced chicken, prawn, crab stick, mushroom and Chinese parsley, wrapped with spinach wantan skin, served steamed), Phoenix roll with black pepper (marinated chicken, prawn, carrot and black pepper, wrapped with chef crepe skin, served steamed)

BBQ Chicken Bun
Steamed white bun stuffed with BBQ chicken

Baked BBQ chicken puff
Baked char siew chicken meat, stuffed in puff pastry and baked in oven

Prawn toast with watermelon seeds
White bread topped with prawn paste, watermelon seeds and deep fried

Seafood roll with scallop
Scallop, fish paste and vegetable rolled in Vietnamese spring roll skin and deep fried 
Deep-fried 'Woo Kok'
Diced BBQ chicken, coated with yam paste and deep fried

Golden sugarcane prawn
Prawn and fish paste coated on sugar cane stick, crumbed and deep fried

Almond flake shrimp toast
Deep fried white bread coated with shrimp and squid paste, carrot and almond flake

The price is RM35.90++ per adult and RM18.00++  per child for all the sumptuous dim sum that you can eat. For reservations, please call (60 4) 886 1911.

The Golden Sands Resort by Shangri-La recently completed a RM50 Million redevelopment programme. The resort is a tropical paradise with a water sports centre, three tennis courts, a Par 3 Executive Golf Course, two swimming pools and Adventure Zone, a Family Entertainment Centre.

Here are some of their most recent awards:
"Asia's Top Ten Family-Friendly Resorts", Holidays with Kids (Australia's leading family travel website and magazine) "Top Ten Awards", 2010
"Best Family Holiday / Resort Excellence Award", Expatriate Lifestyle "The Best of Malaysia Awards", 2009

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