Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lily's Vegetarian Kitchen (Revisited)

We were back at Lily's Vegetarian Kitchen again in less than a week after the first visit to try the course dinner.

We loved the restaurant setting as we rarely find vegetarian restaurants so spacious to accommodate banquet-style seating.

We were immediately attended to by the lady owner (I presume she was Lily) of the restaurant who was very friendly and seemed very passionate about the food she serves at the restaurant.

We ordered a few of the famous items on their menu based on what I read from other blogs and based on the recommendations from the owner.

Mixed Fruit Tea

The fruit tea is quite interesting. According to their website, this tea is organic and caffeine free and flown in from United Kingdom and USA.

Beef Rendang

The lady owner swore by this dish and highly recommended it. It did turn out to be very fragrant and quite good

Otak Otak

This otak otak tasted like the real thing :)

Butter Prawn

The butter prawn is also a famous dish and I have to say it was very fragrant with the curry leaves

Seaweed Soup

Yam Ring

Claypot Tofu

Sambal Potato Leaves

The restaurant was enjoying very brisk business with almost 8 other tables being occupied when we were there including for a large group function. The restaurant is very clean with a simple and neat setting. I will anytime recommend Lily's for a sit-down vegetarian course meal.

The bill came to around RM140 including chrysanthemum tea.

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