Thursday, July 16, 2009

Roadhouse Grill Restaurant

The Roadhouse Grill has been around for many years and the last we were there must be more than five years ago. We decided to pay the restaurant a visit one Sunday afternoon for late lunch.

The restaurant hasn't changed much and still retained that cowboy @ ranch feel. It is still serving its signature free flow of peanuts, and trust me, they are really good peanuts!

Their menu is quite elaborate with pastas, pizzas, steaks, burgers, seafood etc. We ordered the Hungry Cowboy Set Meal (RM49++ per set) and Pasta Combation (RM20.90++). The set meal comes with drinks, fresh greens with a choice of dressings, a choice of mushroom or onion soup, a variety of mains to choose from (e.g. 12oz Ribeye Steak, Roadhouse Ribs, Santa Fe Tiger Prawn, Grilled Salmon etc.) and dessert.

We were tempted to try the Mixed Grill from the ala carte menu and asked if we can swap the main from the Hungry Cowboy Set Meal with the Mixed Grill. We were pleasantly surprised when they said we can.

Pasta selection for Pasta Combination dish:
Fettucine Ala Funghi (Flat Pasta with Mixed Mushroom, Olive Oil and Garlic)
Fusilli Vegetariana (Sauteed with Vegetable Oil, Garalic Herbs, Capsicum and Carrots)
Penne Ala Arrabbiata (Short Tube Pasta with Chilli Fresh Herbs and Tomatoes)
Fettucine Ala Carbonara (Flat Pasta with Turkey Ham with a touch of Creamy Sauce)
Spaghetti Ala Bolognese (Pasta with Meat and Chef's Choice of Tomato Sauce)
Spaghetti Ala Vongole (Spaghetti and Clams Sauteed with Garlic in Cream Sauce)

First came the loaf. A lot has been said about how good the loaf is and this is my first time tasting it. The loaf was served hot. It was soft and slightly sweet. Very tasty even when eaten on its own with butter. Next came the soup and salad. The mushroom soup was quite good and creamy.

The Mixed Grill was good. The lamb and beef were grilled to perfection while still retaning the tenderness of the meat. The chicken meat was a bit dry, primarily due to the fact that they have given us chicken breast. Overall, we were very happy with the Mixed Grill.

Next came the Pasta Combination. This is a another great choice as we got to try three different types of pasta dish. And I have to say that we made the right choices with those three types of pasta: Spaghetti Ala Vongole, Fettucine Ala Funghi and Penne Ala Arrabbiata. The Arrabiata had a hint of spicyness, the Funghi had lots of mushroom, and Vongole being our favourite, this American joint has not dissapointed us.

Home made ice cream and brownie. The home made ice cream was a tad icey, which is quite typical of home made ice creams. Brownie was quite good.

Overall, this visit back to Roadhouse Grill was a very good one and we really enjoyed the food.

However, it was somewhat marred by what happened to our car which was parked at a valid MPPP lot. We found scratches on the front bonnet and the driver's door, which was purportedly done by some inconsiderate passer by who was most probably totally out of his / her mind. I feel sorry for these people who have nothing better to do and who need a cheap thrill by vandalizing property owned by other people. :(

Roadhouse Grill
Gurney Hotel
18-G-E Persiaran Gurney,10250 Penang
Tel: 04-3701872
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