Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cintra Street Famous Pan Cake and Steamed Rice Cake

After our steamboat dinner at Goh Huat Seng, we decided to hop over to Cintra Street to buy the famous Cintra Street Ham Chim Peng and Pak Thong Kou. This modest stall is located right opposite De Tai Tong dim sum cafe, at the junction of Cintra Street and Campbell Street. It was close to 10 pm so they were already out of Pak Thong Kou (white sugar steamed cake). The only Ham Chim Peng pan cake they have was the salty version (they already ran out of the glutinous rice and red bean pan cake).

The lady at the stall unveiled the pancakes from under a piece of white cloth and we bought 15 of those at RM0.50 each.

The Ham Chim Peng was a bit cold when we got home but still full of the five spice flavour and just salty enough to give it that distinct taste. I will definitely be back again to try its Pak Thong Kou and glutinous rice and red bean Ham Chim Peng pan cake.
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