Sunday, June 27, 2010

Starduzz Home Made Banana Muffins with Sultanahs and Walnuts

*** Please check out my latest post on the latest rebranding exercise, pricing and size of these wholesome muffins *** 

As may have noticed, we are suckers for trying out new food. So when I was forwarded a website of home made bakes, I didn't think twice to call to order.

What initially drew us to the site was the yummy looking cookies adorning the website. When called, Sharon who is the daughter (of the mother-daughter Starduzz team), told me that they only bake cookies during Chinese New Year but recommended their famous banana muffins with walnuts and sultanahs instead. I read from somewhere that their muffins are good so I went ahead and ordered 20 pieces of the muffins (minimum order is 20) at RM26.

P/S: What you see in the pictures are the small muffins which suprisingly are quite sizeable. They also have a bigger version of the muffins.

The muffins were indeed very good with real banana and an abundance of sultanahs and walnuts. Sharon also mentioned that they use SCS butter and not margarine. The whole family gave their thumbs up including our two nieces who especially loved the crunchy walnuts. The muffins were fresh because they were made to order.

Visit the Starduzz website for a list of their home made delicacies, They also bake different types of cakes, pies, tarts etc.

Contact Sharon (012-4239025) or Foong (012-4770962) to place an order. Do give them three days notice in advance.

Banana walnut and sultanah muffin pictured here with my Easiyo home made yogurt. Yummy!
P/S: Look out for my future post on the Easiyo yogurt :)

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