Monday, August 30, 2010

EasiYo Yogurt - Delicious Yogurt Made Easy

I have a newfound interest lately, making my own natural yogurt using the EasiYo yogurt maker. The EasiYo yogurt is really easy to make in just three simple steps.

Source: EasiYo website

Not only is it easy to make, it also tastes great. There is an abundance of flavours to choose from its extensive Family, Low Fat, Probiotic and Premium range of yogurts.

All EasiYo yogurts include the probiotic acidophilus. The BioLife range have additional Probiotic cultures such as bifidus and casei. All EasiYo yougurts do not contain artificial colours or preservatives and is gluten free.

Flavours from the Family range are Natural, Banana, Boysenberry, Caramel, Mango, Peach, Strawberry, Lemon, Vanilla, Boysenberry, Toffee, Cherry, Rasberry, Blackcurrants, Forest Fruits, Apple & Blackberry and Apricot.

The range of Low Fat yogurts contain less than 2g of fat per 200g serve. They are also unsweetened making them ideal for diabetics or for anyone wanting to sweeten their yogurt to their own taste using sugar, honey or other sweeteners. Low Fat yogurt flavours: Reduced Fat, Skimmers, Apricot, Berry, Vanilla.

The Premium range of yogurts include thick and creamy Mediterranean style Greek plus a smooth, rich Vanilla Custard flavour. The Greek flavour also comes in the Greek 'n Honey, Sweet Greek, Low Fat Greek or Low Lactose version.

The Bio-Life or Probiotic range contains all three of the l.acidophilus, b.bifidum and l.casei cultures. They are unsweetened and comes in a variety of flavours i.e. Reduced Fat, Boysenberry, Nectarine and Organic.

We haven't tried all of the flavours but our favourite so far is the Vanilla from the Family range.  We find it thicker and creamier than other flavours and is a great alternative to vanilla ice cream. Simply decadent!

The EasiYo hardware and yogurt mix is quite easily available at Cold Storage, Jaya Jusco, some pharmacies and organic shops. Find out more about this wholesome and natural yogurt at

If you have been making your own EasiYo yogurt, write to me. I'd like to hear what you have to say about the yogurt since I am still a newbie in this field. :)


New Kid on the Blog said...

thanks for sharing... I am also wanting to have this... to make my own yogurt.

i can only have it after my project completed. :(

My Food Fetish said...

Yes, NKOTB. You should seriously consider Easiyo. It is really easy to make yogurt this way :)

Anonymous said...

Dear guys,

I've also tried Easiyo. I think it tasted more creamy and thick compared to ready-to-eat yogurt found at supermarket.

Unfortunately, at Melaka where I am now, it's very hard to find the yogurt powder. Though some organic shops do sell them, but also just the original flavor.

I wonder if it develops a much fuller flavor if u leave it in the flask for about 24 hours.

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