Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Master Choo Kitchen

We stumbled upon Master Choo Kitchen while checking out the latest shopping sensation in Georgetown city - the 1st Avenue Mall. It was lunch time and this establishment stood out from the limited and usual food joints at the mall.

It was later found out that this restaurant orginated from Sungai Petani where it's famous for the egg tarts. This is their first restaurant in Penang. The Oriental themed decor is quite elaborate so we decided to check the place out. The menu did not fail to impress with its variety of offerings - dim sum, porridge, noodles, soup etc.

Cheese Tart (RM2)

Braised Chicken Drumstick with Shanghainese Noodle

Black Sesame Mixed with Brown Rice Powder (RM6.30)

Stone Steamed Oat Porridge (RM12.90)

Shanghai Crab Soup Dumpling (RM5.30)

Golden Bun and Curry Chicken

Fresh Crystal Prawn Dumpling (RM4.30)
Overall, the food somehow fell a bit short of my expectations. Unfortunately they ran out of their famous egg tart. The Shanghainese Noodle and Golden Bun are worth a try though. You will most probably find something that you like from the extensive menu.

Master Choo Kitchen

Lot 3-12, 1st Avenue
182 Jalan Magazine
10300 Penang
Tel - 604-2616 826
Business Hours - 1000 - 2200 (daily)
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