Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bittersweet's House Hokkaido Cakes

I was recently introduced to a homemade bakery with an interesting name, Bittersweet’s House. The bakery whips up really good Hokkaido cakes; soft, airy and fluffy chiffon cakes filled with creamy custard. They are best eaten when chilled and I just couldn’t have enough of them.

Bittersweet’s House also sell freshly made cream puffs. I like the slightly crispy puff shell filled with smooth silky fresh custard combined with cream. There a few flavours to choose from: Original, Strawberry, Coffee, Green Tea, Durian and Sweet Corn. I have only tried the Original and Strawberry flavours and will recommend the former, anytime.

Crepe cakes are also their specialty but I have yet to try.

Contact Shirlyn at 012-4305095 to order three days in advance. I think they do delivery within the Butterworth and Autocity areas but do contact Shirlyn for more info.

Bittersweet's House Facebook

Hokkaido cakes

Cream puffs

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New Kid on the Blog said...

their cream puff is it as good as BJ Homemade Bakery???

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