Friday, August 31, 2012

LOVELOCKS Ice Cream Shop - Fresh Home Made Coconut Ice Cream

LOVELOCKS is a new ice cream shop in town, opened just over 10 days ago at the corner of the junction between Love Lane and Chulia Street. The light blue facade of the shop is unmistakable from afar.

The name of the ice cream shop suggests the interesting notion that you should (pad) lock your love with your soul mate, family or friends and throw the key away so your love for each other will forever be sealed.

LOVELOCKS sells only one type of fresh homemade coconut ice cream with toppings of your liking. One topping that deserves a special callout is the passion fruit caviar, a fruit caviar developed via molecular cooking. The lady at the counter also suggested that we drizzle some raw egg yolk over the ice cream which apparently is a common topping for coconut ice cream in Thailand.

The coconut ice cream was light, smooth and fresh. The four toppings we opted for: almond slices, corn flakes, passion fruit caviar and “atap chee” (atap seeds) added just the right crunch and flavours to the ice cream.  

Check out their Facebook page for photos of people who have sealed their love at LOVELOCKS.  

Love locked
Coconut ice cream
5 scoops ice cream with 4 toppings (RM7)

Some interesting finds along Love Lane / Stewart Lane:

Steel-rod art
Interesting pay phone (heart broken yet happily ever after)
No.318, Chulia Street, 10200 George Town, Malaysia
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