Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rochester Ginger Drink

The Rochester Ginger drink is a traditional non-alcoholic ginger drink made to a Dickensian recipe. The tagline on the bottle reads "With the kick of two very angry mules", which I find very funny.

The drink is a product of United Kingdom and is distributed by the Ma Ma Mi Shop at Queensbay Mall (inside Jaya Jusco, next to Eu Yan Sang).

"Rochester Ginger is a trip down memory lane, a traditional ginger drink, without the need for alcohol. Smooth, clean and crisp, with a satisfying kick that lingers."

It is made of water infusion of ginger (14%), raisin, cowslip and elderflower, raw cane sugar, citric acid and caramel (with preservative).

It is spicy and not too sweet. The drink is very special and indeed satisfying; it will keep you asking for more. Great as an after dinner drink.
It retails at RM38.50 per 725ml bottle.

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