Friday, January 22, 2010

BJ Home Made Bakery House

BJ Homemade Bakery House is famous for quite a number of its specialties, one of them being its mooncakes. They look like Shanghainese mooncakes with a crispy outer layer and lotus paste filling (with or without yolk). They are made a little larger than bites sizes so you can eat the whole mooncake without feeling too guilty :)

She also makes local delicacies like tapioca kuih, sago kuih, sweet potato kuih, tarts, cream puffs, cakes etc. I absolutely love her cream puffs with fresh cream filling (chilled) and tapioca kuih.

BJ Bakery House
35, Lorong Relau 1, Sungai Nibong, 11900 Penang
Contact Number: 04-6440219/ 012-4524893

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