Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ama Dessert

We have seen Ama Dessert when driving past the Pan Palace Plaza a couple of times. We figured it is probably one those eateries which open at the plaza but cease operation not longer after.
(For some reasons, the eateries just can't seem to survive at this community mall)

However, I think we have proved ourselves wrong about Ama Dessert.

We happened to be going to Sunshine Lip Sin one evening and decided to have dinner at Ama Dessert. To our surprise, it has a decent range of western fare, ramen dishes and desserts that are worth going back for. To add on to that, Ama Dessert's chef has also won many accolades and cooking competitions, based on the newspaper clippings and mock cheques displayed on the wall.

The chef has won various accolades and local competitions

I liked the framed old advertisement hanging on the wall 

Monte Cristo Chicken (RM13.50) 

Hubs ordered the Monte Cristo Chicken and he absolutely loved it. The chicken was grilled well and the meat was tender. It also came with quite a lot of accompaniment e.g. ham, sausage, vegetables, potatoes etc.

Herbal Village Chicken Ramen with 'Kampung' Chicken (RM9.50)

The ramen was surprisingly quite good and the soup was piping hot. I am not sure if the ramen was hand-made but the texture was chewy and tangy and I liked how it was cooked al-dente.

Ginger Tea

Super Mango with Sago (RM6)

There were heaps of mango in this desset which hubs liked but I found the mango, sago and syrup combination a bit too 'lemak' for my liking. If mango is not your kind of fruit, don't fret as they have a variety of desserts to choose from, ranging from crepe to 'tang yuen' to pudding and so on.

Ama Dessert
Pan Palace Plaza
Ground Floor
Lengkok Nipah, Lip Sin Garden
HP : 012-4028772

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