Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Xian Ding Wei Taiwanese Tea Room at Queensbay Mall (revisited)

I have received quite a number of hits on my blog for my previous post on Xian Ding Wei so I guess this eatery is gaining quite a lot of popularity and interests lately.

We were back at the place again recently, this time with my parents. It was a Saturday and the place was still as packed as when it just opened.

Hubs ordered the 'Taiwanese Supreme Chicken in Three Variety of Sauces' set while dad and I ordered one of the 'Teppanyaki Seafood and Pork in Hot Pot' set each. Mom opted for the 'Thai Chicken' set (RM17.90).

Taiwanese Supreme Chicken in Three Variety of Sauces (RM18.90)

Teppanyaki Seafood and Pork in Hot Pot (RM29.90)

Dragon Fruit Juice RM5.90

Rosebuds with Wintermelon Tea RM4.90
Overall I think mom and dad enjoyed the food and ambiance. Hubs and I were pleasantly surprised with the 'Taiwanese Supreme Chicken in Three Variety of Sauces' set. I would highly recommended this set to anyone who wants to try Xian Ding Wei's specialties.


New Kid on the Blog said...

Rosebuds with Wintermelon Tea - they put up a different tea pot for you. nice too!

My Food Fetish said...

Yes, I saw your post and the photos were awesome. We didn't bring our DSLR on both occasions so we had to resort to using our point-and-shoot.

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