Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gastronomic Kopitiam

Gastronomic Kopitiam serves an interesting array of fusion food, mainly Oriental and Western. The restaurant is air-conditioned, cozy and clean. The food is very reasonably priced.

Balinese Fried Chicken Berempah (RM11)
1/2 spring chicken, marinated with oriental spices and deep fried served with Kunyit Fried Rice.

The house signature spring chicken and fried rice dish was very fragrant with the spices.

Danish Trout (RM14.50)
Fully imported Danish Trout, marinated with herbs, deep fried, served with steamed vegetables, french fries and lemon wedge

The trout was very fresh, fried to perfection while retaining its tenderness and moisture.

P/S: I absolutely loved the decorative small bottles on each table which serve as the home for small peacock fishes. It gives the restaurant a certain serenity and is very meditative :)

Gastronomic Kopitiam
G28, Persiaran Mahsuri 1/2,
Bayan Lepas
Tel: 016-4576489
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