Friday, April 10, 2009

Mainstreet Recipes

** Mainstreet has since ceased operation at Pan Palace Plaza **

Mainstreet Recipes is a fairly new cafe at the Pan Palace Plaza Penang.

Apparently there is more to this cafe as they are a supplier of ready-made sauces, drinks and restaurant computer system in Malaysia.

I ordered what seems to be their in-house specialty, Hot & Spicy Aromatic Mee. This mee is a blend between tomyam mee and curry mee. It is claimed as a healthy noodle dish because it is cooked without coconut milk & cream.

Mainstreet Hot & Spicy Aromatic Mee

Mainstreet Chicken Porridge

Mainstreet White Coffee and Mainstreet Serai Tea

The Mainstreet Serai Tea was quite special. According to their website, it is made with fresh serai juice together with tea leaves imported from Sri Lanka.

Overall food was not spectacular for my taste but the Hot & Spicy Aromatic Mee is worth a try. I liked the location of the cafe as it is very quiet and breezy. It is good as a place to get together over tea or coffee.

Mainstreet Recipes
Pan Palace Plaza, Penang.
Office phone: 04—6465922
Mobile phone: 012-4332922 / 012-6442822 (Penang)

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