Friday, April 17, 2009

Taman Kheng Tian Friday Night Market

The first time I went to the Friday night market at Taman Kheng Tian, I was surprised at the number of food stalls lined up at the night market. It was even more interesting to note that a large number of these stalls sell food that either originated from or famous in Taiwan e.g. bubble tea, XL crispy fried chicken, oyster mee sua, jumbo sausages etc.

Watch this space for my next post on the Taipei Shilin night market and you will agree with me on how much this night market takes after the Shilin night market.

(Check out the Google Maps location at the end of this post)

XL crispy fried chicken

Potato King potato chip spirals with special flavours

Jumbo deep fried sausages

Oyster Mee Sua

Grilled sausages with special sauce

There are also other local delicacies as well:

Famous Mat Tou Yau dessert

Home made prawn, fish, potato crackers

Fried Hor Fun

There is always a long queqe at this stall because the fried hor fun is extremely affordable at RM1.50 onwards per packet.

Ayam percik

Putu Mayong

I remember eating this famous pasar malam hokkien mee when I was growing up. Back then, the night market used to move from one place to another every month e.g. from the padang opposite the Penang Buddhist Association, to the Batu Lanchang afternoon market car park, to the Terengganu road padang etc.

This hokkien mee stall was very famous in the night market scene and is still a crowd puller at the Taman Kheng Tian night market.

Google Maps location

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