Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Have You McValue LUNCH™-ed This Week?

12 Noon - Sudden craving for McDonald's food

12:05 pm - Checked the i'm lovin' it! McDonald's® Malaysia website to confirm if the McValue Lunch™ promotion was entitled for the delivery. Gleefully delighted that it was and called the 24 hours McDelivery™ number 1300-13-1300.

12:15 pm - A lady at the call centre picked up my call. She asked for my phone number and location and checked the nearest McDonald's outlet. Ordered the New Choices on the McValue Lunch™ menu i.e. the Big Mac™ set (RM7.95, original price RM10.10), Spicy Chicken™ McDeluxe set (RM7.95, original price RM10.45) and our all-time favourite Apple Pie (RM2). Was told that my order was to be delivered in 30 to 45 minutes.

12:50 pm - Got a call from the McDelivery™ guy with good news that my McValue Lunch™ was already at my door step!

1:10 pm - Savoured and enjoyed our tasty Big Mac™, Spicy Chicken McDeluxe™, french fries, apple pie...

The above account shows how fast, convenient and value-for-money it is to order a McDonald's McValue Lunch™ meal. My order was delivered in 30 minutes and the total bill came to RM24.60 including 5% Gov tax, RM3 for delivery and RM1 for upgrade from carbonated drink to Milo, 20% cheaper than normal.

Other choices on the McValue Lunch™ menu:
McChicken RM 5.95 (Original price RM9.25)
Filet-O-Fish RM5.95 (Original price RM8.95)

McDonald's McValue Lunch™
12 Noon to 3 pm
Monday to Sunday
Comes with french fries and carbonated soft drink

McDonald's has taken active step to include nutrition information on the box. The chart shows the number of calories in a McDonald's food item compared to the average daily intake for a healthy diet.

P/S: I am blogging about my McValue LUNCH™ experience to win the latest iPHONE 3G!!! Check out the site and spread the word.

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