Friday, May 29, 2009

Red Chopstick Restaurant

The Red Chopstick Restaurant has been around for over three years now at I-Avenue in Bayan Lepas.

Ginger tea

According to owner cum chef, Peck Siang, who is an avid cook, when the restaurant first opened, it was intended to be a dessert house of sorts. However, her customers started asking for food to go with the desserts so she slowly added more food items to the menu.

The restaurant now serves up to 200 items at any one time in its menu, which is very extensive and commendable for a restaurant its size. There are claypot dishes, rice sets, nasi lemak, mee suah, tomyam, asam laksa, prawn mee, curry mee and spaghetti, to just name a few.

Oriental-themed decor and interior

When asked about their specialties, Peck Siang excitedly proclaimed that their line of desserts are a must-have, which she said are all home made. You can opt for the more traditional desserts e.g. cendol or go for her special creations e.g. the Sago Moey with Red Bean & Green Bean Ice Bars, Oldies Pungat etc.

They also do delivery within the Bayan Lepas area for a minimum of 8 sets with no delivery charge. We ordered the delivery sets for the family before and they were indeed good. There is a variety of sets to choose from and if you are spoilt for choice, try the sets with satay kajang. You can't go wrong with the satays as they are pretty good.

Peck Siang is always adding new items to the menu, the latest being the Banana Leaf set. You can expect her to always innovate and come up with creative dishes for the restaurant. When asked why the name "Red Chopsticks", she sheepishly said that red is her favourite colour ;)

We ordered their claypot with rice sets - Wine Chicken set (RM9.90) and Indian King Curry Squids set (RM9.90).

Wanton Soup with local Sawi (RM4.90)

Cendol Ice with Jackfruit (RM5.90) and Sago Moey with Red Bean & Green Bean Ice Bar (RM5.90)

Red Chopstick Restaurant
Ideal Avenue
1-1-5 Medan Kampung Relau 1
Jalan Tun Dr Awang
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang
Tel: 016-440 3938
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