Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Island Way Sorbet


Pina Colada

The Island Way sorbet is very different from the normal fruit flavoured sorbet that I have tried. It is very milky, rich and creamy and yet still maintains the low-fat and low-calorie nature of sorbet, being the healthier alternative to ice cream. The texture is very soft and smooth unlike the more icey version of the non-dairy sorbets.

This is good news to the calorie conscious as the sorbet half starts from 50 calories per half a Lemon fruit shell, 56 calories for Mango-Orange and 70 calories for Orange, Pineapple, and Pina Colada. Only the Coconut & Pina Colada sorbet are not considered low fat as they contain coconut milk.

The Pina Colada sorbet is more creamy while the orange sorbet has a zesty and refreshing orange taste. Both are highly recommended.

Another interesting thing about the Island Way Sorbet is it is cupped and served in real fruit shell. For example for the Lemon sorbet, a real lemon that is taken, cut in half, cored out and then filled with lemon sorbet and frozen.

The only setback about the sorbet is it is not widely distributed in Penang and the only place I found so far is the Ma Ma Mi shop inside Jaya Jusco supermarket at the basement of Queensbay mall. The shop is a few doors away from the Eu Yan Sang shop.
*** Updates: I saw an advertisement in The Star that the Island Way Sorbet is now available at all Jaya Jusco supermarkets. That's great news for all Island Way sorbet lovers ***

The Pina Colada sorbet half retails at RM8.50 and the Orange half at RM5.90. Though they may seem a tad too expensive, this indulgence is worth giving a try for, given it's low fat content and excellent taste.

Island Way Sorbet
Ma Ma Mi (Jaya Jusco Supermarket)
LGF-59 South Zone
Queensbay Mall, Penang
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