Friday, September 11, 2009


HOT&ROLL is a Malaysian franchise selling Crispy wrap (a very thin cooked pancake made from a home-recipe flour mix) and Paratha wrap from their 'on-the-go' kiosks. Their network is still relatively small for now and they have kiosks primarily in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur but they are growing.

According to their website, they started off with one kiosk located at Cheras Leisure Mall in April 2003 and sold Crispy Wraps. In November 2007 HOT&ROLL was granted Franchisor status.

A HOT&ROLL kiosk recently opened at the basement of Queensbay Mall right opposite the Jaya Jusco supermarket. HOT&ROLL offers 17 types of sweet and savoury fillings or flavours namely Strawberry, Apple Cinnamon, Banana Chocolate, Coconut, Kaya 'N' Cheese, Crunchy Peanut, Ice cream, Chicken & Cheese, Chicken Floss, BBQ Chicken, Satay Chicken, Curry Chicken, Black Pepper Beef, Bolognese Beef, Pizza, Tuna Salad, Double Cheese N’ Onion.

Savoury Paratha is sold at RM3.90 each while Savoury Crispy is sold at RM5.90 each. Sweet Paratha is sold at RM2.90 each while Sweet Crispy is sold at RM4.90 each. You can add RM1 for extra topping.

The Paratha is pre-made and then frozen. When ordered, the Paratha will be placed on the pan before the filling is added. Thus, the wait is normally quite short.

The Crispy wrap is made from home-recipe pre-mized flour so the preparation time is relatively short as well. It's just like how love letters (kuih kapit) are made.

Simple seating area for a quick bite

Tuna Salad

High Protein Chicken Sausages Wrapped in Wholemeal Chapatti

They are currently running a promotion with two High Protein Chicken Sausages Wrapped in Wholemeal Chapatti and one cup of drink selling at RM5.90 (normal price RM9.30)

Chicken & Cheese

Apple Cinnamon

One day we decided to order quite a number of their fillings to try i.e. Apple Cinnamon, Banana Chocolate, Kaya 'N' Cheese, Chicken & Cheese, Black Pepper Beef, Pizza, Tuna Salad and the High Protein Chicken Sausages Wrapped in Wholemeal Chapatti.

We absolutely loved the Paratha and Chapatti. They were crispy and flavourful. All of the savoury fillings we tried were very good.

P/S: For some reasons, HOT&ROLL reminds me of my favourite crêpes and waffles restaurant at the Swissotel Singapore: "Out of the Pan". The restaurant serves a variety of sweet and savoury crêpes and waffles in an alfresco setting, right next to a water fountain. Excellent ambience and great crêpes.

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