Friday, September 11, 2009

Wembrey Park Gurney Plaza

*** Latest update as at 11 Jan 2010 - Wembrey Park has since ceased operation and replaced by another restaurant ***

I have read some reviews about Wembrey Park at the 7th floor of Gurney Plaza and most of the reviews weren't exactly that great.

We happened to be at SenQ, Gurney Plaza so we decided to grab a quick bite at Wembrey Park since it was just next to SenQ.

Wembrey Park is your higher end 'kopitiam', something like Old Town. They serve toast, rice sets, noodles, sandwiches, pasta, some finger food, a variety of coffee and tea, smoothies and shakes etc.

It was 5-ish and it wasn't exactly time for dinner yet so we ordered some drinks, toast and a noodle.

Kon Low Steamed Chicken Koay Teow (Dry) RM6.90

Kaya Butter Coffee Toast RM2.80

Hot Soya Milk with Dumplings RM4.50

Silk Tea (Hot) RM3.50

Spice White Coffee (Cold) RM4.50

We chose the coffee because we were told by the waitress that it is prepared with spices e.g. nutmeg etc. However, the spice was quite subtle and we couldn't quite taste it.

The Silk Tea was definitely better than the coffee and worth a try if you like milk tea.

The Kaya and Butter Coffee Toast was quite a let down. The bread was a bit too thick. I still prefer the toasts from Old Town.

The Soya Milk was served steaming hot and was quite good but the only setback was the peanut dumplings. The peanut filling was not very fresh.

The Kon Low Steamed Chicken Koay Teow was surprisingly quite good. The koay teow was springy and the Kon Low sauce was fragrant with garlic oil, dark soya sauce and sesame oil with a very generous serving of steamed chicken.

The ambiance was quite nice with comfortable leather (or PVC) armchairs etc. They did mix up my tea order but generally service was quite okay. The total bill came to RM24.40 including 10% service charge.

Wembrey Park Kopitiam
170-07-09/10 Gurney Plaza
Tel: 04-227 5000

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