Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Habana Coffee • Wine • Bistro

*** Updates (21 June): I just found out that the lower floor of Habana is no longer in operation. Not sure if they are still serving food on the upper floor ***

Habana seems to be popular for the bar cum lounge on the 1st floor of the bistro, especially in the evening. Every time we dine there in the evening, we see droves of patrons going up to the 1st floor. According to they have a live band playing every Friday night.

The dining area is on the ground floor. Habana serves mainly western / international cuisine. They have a wide selection of pasta and pizza dishes. We have tried their pastas and pizzas and would highly recommend them.

This was our third time at the bistro and true enough it has not let us down as yet. We ordered Saffron Prawns as appetizer, Seafood soup, Spaghetti Aragosta and Spaghetti Con Pesto. For drinks, we ordered a Pink Lady and pineapple juice.

Pink Lady (RM5.50) and pineapple juice (RM5.50)

Saffron Prawns (RM19.90)

The lightly baked prawns with saffron sauce dish was very fragrant with a strong saffron taste.

Seafood Soup (RM15.90)

The Italian style seafood soup has an abundance of seafood e.g. prawns, calamari, clams, mussel and fish. The soup is a tomato-based soup with saffron, chili and spinach. Very special indeed.

Spaghetti Aragosta (RM23.90)

This pasta is by far the best we have tried at Habana. It has slipper lobster meat and huge prawns with chili, tomato sauce and a touch of cream. The lobster meat serving was very generous and gave the pasta dish a distinct lobster taste. A definite must try.

Spaghetti Con Pesto (RM23.90)

This is our second time going for the Con Pesto. It is still as good with lots of pesto sauce, huge prawns (again!) and parmesan cheese. A definite must try for pesto lovers.

As you can see, we ordered too many prawn dishes in one meal so try to go easy on the prawn dishes and try their pizza as well.

Since Habana has adopted an open air setting, it can be quite noisy when you are dining on the ground floor. The noise comes from the heavy traffic along Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah. That is probably the only setback of this bistro, else it is very highly recommended for its good pasta dishes and pizzas.

P/S: You may miss this bistro if you are not paying attention as the bistro banner can go unnoticed from afar. Look out for the 7-Eleven at Kristal Point as Habana is right next to it.

HABANA coffee wine bistro
B-02-17 Kristal Point
303 Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah
11900 Penang
Tel: 04-6446121

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