Saturday, February 14, 2009

kissA Koyotei Cafe - Japanese Cuisine, Espresso, Liquor, Sweets

Kissa Koyotei is a contemporary yet cozy Japanese cafe tucked behind New World Park, along Jalan Hutton. According to their website, the owners cum chefs of this restaurant are Saito Toshiki and his wife; Mary Lee.

The cafe offers quite an elaborate food and drinks menu. We ordered the Sashimi and Tempura set (RM36) and the Kimuchi Ramen and Gyoza set (RM27). For drinks, we ordered the Mojitto Mint Lime (RM6.80) and cold green tea.

Mojitto Mint Lime

The mojitto has lots of mint leaves which gave the drink a distinct mint taste. We like mint and lime so this drink is perfect for us.

Sashimi and Tempura set

The set was very well presented and the sashimi was fresh. The set came with sashimi, prawns and vegetables tempura, miso soup, chawan mushi, rice and fruits.

Kimuchi Ramen and Gyoza set

We absolutely loved the ramen which is very sour with lots of kimchi and spicy at the same time. Ask for more chilli powder if it is not spicy enough. The set came with three pieces of Gyoza and a bowl of rice.

We ordered the Mini Sweets Macha Mousse (RM3.50) to share for dessert. The mousse is an interesting twist to the green tea ice cream normally serverd as dessert at most Japanese restaurants. It has a strong green tea flavour complimented by red ben and a hint of what may be cream.

Another novelty of the restaurant is the waitresses in maid costume. They were very kind to pose for a picture for us.

This cafe is definitely a welcomed change for the Japanese restaurants scene in Penang. It is highly recommended for its authentic Japanese cuisine and contemporary, relaxed setting.

Interesting washroom signs.

kissA Koyotei cafe
Tel +604.22 66 272
Fax +604.22.64 272
Address No 148,Ground Floor, Jalan Hutton, 10050 Georgetown Penang Malaysia
E-mail address

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