Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Humble Beginnings Mille Crepe

The Mille Crepe is slowly taking Penang by storm. One particular Mille Crepe home bakery which deserves to be mentioned here is Humble Beginnings.

What is Mille Crepe?
Humble Beginnings’ Creations are essentially Mille Crepes. A Mille Crepe is a French Cake with “mille” meaning “a thousand”. In our Creations, there are 20 layers of crepes with a delightful combination of Fresh Cream and Vanilla Custard between each layer. The topmost layer is caramelized to give it a nice smoky sugary flavour. Everything is hand-made and hand-layered; a true labour of love. (

Eversince I found Humble Beginnings last year, I must have ordered at least 10 cakes from them for parties, birthdays, pot lucks etc. I just love the chilled cream between each layer of the crepe.

My favourite is Strawberry Haven which has lots of fresh strawberries blended into the cream with optional fresh strawberries topping. The sourness of the strawberries goes well with the cream which is a little sweet.

Reminder: The mille crepe is best eaten chilled.

If you are a first timer, go for their signature French Vanilla creation and try other creations as you go along. Price starts from RM55 for a regular (0.9 kg) French Vanilla cake.

Phone orders: 012-6358035 (JB) or 012-4858035 (Pg)
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