Friday, February 13, 2009

Lameizhi (Spicy Girl ) Restaurant

Lameizhi (Spicy Girl ) Restaurant is a new addition to the stream of restaurants at Kristal Point. It is next to Siriwan and has another sister restaurant at Nagore Road.

It specializes in steamboat dishes with quite a variety of soup base e.g. duck soup, chicken soup, tomyam, spicy fish etc.

Lameizhi has retained most of comfortable setting and decor of Jurin, the Japanese restaurant which previously occupied this shop lot. The new management has replaced the tables with round tables, with a hot plate on each table. The chairs have been given white covers with a cute Chinese mask imprinted on the cover.

Since there were eight of us, we opted for two sets, one with chicken soup base and another with spicy fish soup base.

The Spicy Fish Claypot (sui chu yu) is a "ma la" base soup with fish (RM28 per set). The fish was fresh and the soup was spicy and "numbing". For those who have been to China and those who love "ma la" dishes, they will definitely appreciate this soup. However, someone did mention that nothing beats the original "ma la sui chu yu" from China. Nevertheless, the spicy fish claypot at Lameizhi did get its fair share of praises and is well accepted by those who have never tried it before.

The ingredients which came with the Chicken Soup set (RM43 per set) was rather limited so we had to order additional ingredients. Apart from that, the chicken soup was suprisingly very tasty and was deemed a good choice.

However, perhaps because they are still new, there is still room for improvement in their level of service. Most of the waiters and waitresses are non-locals and we had some difficulties communicating with them and the only local waiter there appeared to be rather rude.

Anyway, Lameizhi is definitely worth a try and worth coming back for its variety of soup base and comfortable setting. The bill came to RM150.25 with drinks.

Lameizhi (Spicy Girl) Restaurant
Business hours: 11am - 11pm (Daily)
Tel: 04 - 6415958
Location: Krystal Point, Penang (next to Siriwan Thai Restaurant)
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