Tuesday, March 3, 2009

chef & brew - Food for Life

**** Latest update: chef & brew has ceased operation at Kristal Point Penang ***

chef & brew opened in Penang some six years ago. Back then it was a hit with the Bayan Lepas office and factory crowd as there was limited eateries of such nature in the area.

Nowadays, the crowd is lesser but we still go back sometimes when we crave for their Mulligatawany soup!

The Mulligatawany soup (RM4.90) is an Anglo-Indian spicy and sour lentil soup with chicken bits and rice. We absolutely love the taste of the spices. The soup has a thick base and is quite filling. chef & brew is one of the very few places that serve this soup in Penang. One other place will be its sister restaurant, Victoria Station. I read somewhere that they are owned and managed by the same group.

We also ordered the Minnestrone soup (RM4.90). It turned out to be a dissapointment as the soup was a little watered down for my liking.

The Cheese Burger (RM10.90) was good as always. The New Zealand beef burger was grilled and topped with cheese and served with potato, baked beans and baby salad. The beef patty was very juicy and the serving was huge. It is value for money and tastes great.

The restaurant is still very well maintained after all these years. It has a cozy and comfortable setting and is spacious with a high ceiling.

chef & brew creative tag lines and branding:

chef & brew
Krystal Point 11, Lebuh Bukit Kecil 6, Bayan Lepas (04-6468281).
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