Friday, October 2, 2009

Du Viet, KLCC

The name "Du Viet" means to "do Vietnamese" for a meal. The "Du" is a play on sound as well as to imply the French influence in Vietnam.

Traditional Mixed Beef Noodles (Pho Bo Dac Biet) RM15.90
Imported tenderloin beeffillet, stewed beef brisket, balls, tripe and clear beef soup

He loved the Pho coz it's clear and light just the way he liked it :)

Special Seafood Soup Noodles (Pho Hai San) RM15.90
Fresh prawns, fish fillet, squid & cuttlefish in mildly spicy seafood soup

I absolutely loved my seafood soup noodles coz it is indeed very special. It is close to Tomyam and yet not sour and has a tinge of spicyness to it. The seafood was very fresh and they were very generous with the serving. Went very well with the fresh bean sprouts and basil. Highly recommended.

Fresh Summer Rolls - Prawns (2 rolls) RM9.90
Choice of chicken / beef / prawn

We have always loved summer rolls and the ones here are exactly how we would have loved it. We loved the chewy transparent spring roll skin, fresh prawns and herbs.

Chicken Wings (6 pieces) RM19.90
Choice of Baked durian wings / Stuffed wings / Cambodian lemongrass wings

We opted for the baked durian wings since we are durian lovers and baked durian wongs definitely sounds very special. The wings took a while to be served coz it has to be oven baked slowly. But it is definitely worth the wait coz the wings are simply excellent. It has a certain sweetness from the durian and the durian taste was fragrant and yet subtle thus not too overpowering.

Homemade Lemongrass Ginger Tea RM7.90

Very strong ginger flavour. Absolutely loved this drink.

Special Drip Coffee with Ice Cream RM9.90
What's a Vietnamese meal without the famous drip coffee? ;)

Ginger Flavoured Creme Brulee RM8.90

The ginger flavour blended very well with the sweet creme brulee

Three Colours Delite
Green grass jelly, cendol & red beans & gula melaka & low fat cream topping (soya base) RM8.90

I liked the fact that it was not too sweet with a strong soya flavour. Very special drink indeed

To us, the most important aspect of a Vietnamese restaurant is the Pho Bo Dac Biet (beef noodles). The Pho served at Du Viet was light and clear which was exactly what we liked in a good Pho. The service was fast the friendly. Definitely a thumbs up for a good Vietnamese meal. Their durian pancake is supposedly their bestseller but we didn't try because we just had the baked durian wings.

Du Viet, KLCC
Phone Number: 603 - 2166 3630

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