Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hui Wei Restaurant

Hui Wei is a fairly new restaurant, opened since three months ago. It is right opposite the SRJKC Union. They serve primarily set meals, dim sum and steamboat. It is a small restaurant with minimal decor but is cozy and clean.

We were the first customers to arrive at the restaurant for lunch. The manager (not sure if he is the owner) was the only person attending to us and it actually took them a while to serve our orders. I figured they must not have fully ramped up since they are still relatively new.

We ordered their set meals with come with rice, vegetables, side dish, steamed soup, drinks and dessert (Konyaku jelly). For drinks, there is a choice of Milk Pearl Tea, White Coffee, Plum Juice etc.

Mini Steamboat (RM21.90)

Taiwan Claypot Fish (RM18.90)

Chicken Rice in Barrel (RM14.90)

Ba Wang Claypot Noodles (with choice of prawn, squid or fish) RM13.90

Milk Tea & White Coffee

Overall the set meals were not bad. The Claypot Fish was a tad too sweet else the ginger and rice wine combination would have been great. The Mini Steamboat came with a lot of ingredients and was value for money.

We also ordered their House Specialty which is the "Coffin" (RM7.90). I know the name of the dish sounds scary but it does literally mean the coffin!!! The Coffin is actually made of french loaf with baked cheese and seafood stuffing. It's quite ingenious of them to come up with such a dish and it did taste quite okay :)

Hui Wei Restaurant
14G Jalan Burma
10050 Penang
+604-226 0966
Business Hours: 8am - 4 am

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