Monday, October 12, 2009

Ole Cafe, Tune Hotel LCCT

Ole Cafe is one of the food outlets at Tune Hotel LCCT.

I ordered Tuna Melt and the Ole Special Teh Tarik. The total bill came to about RM18.

The Tuna Melt came with tuna and mayonaisse, lettuce, tomato and cheese. It is served hot and good for a quick grub.

Unfortunately I couldn't find anything special about the Ole Special Teh Tarik. I ordered the iced version so it was too diluted from all the ice.

The good thing is they are open 24 hours so it was convenient for the Tune Hotel guests. The next nearest food outlets are at LCCT which is a 7 to 10 minute walk away (apart from Passage Thru Asia which is located inside the Tune Hotel)

Ole Cafe
Tune Hotel LCCT

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