Friday, August 7, 2009

Canton-i - Truly Hong Kong

I noticed that many floggers have reviewed and written about Canton-i so I will make this short. Actually we have been to Canton-i at least five times since its opening and must have spent over RM1K at Canton-i in total. The bulk of that went to two famly outings which were held around less than two weeks apart from each other ;)

It is claimed in the menu that the pork served at Canton-i is Pearl Pork supplied by An Sin Healthy Meat Shoppe. The pork is apparently antibiotic-free, low in cholesterol and low in fat.

The evaporated milk used in the Hong Kong Milk Tea served at Canton-i is the Black & White brand which is made in Holland and imported from Hong Kong.

The rice used in the congee are a combination of Australia long rice, Thai fragrant rice and Japan pearl rice.

3 Combination - Roasted Pork Belly, Roasted Duck, Char Siew (RM29.80)

The roasted meat is one of their specialties and they were really good. I especially like their crunchy roasted pork belly and char siew.

Rice Fluor Noodle with Prawns (RM10.80)

The Rice Fluor Noodle was quite mediocre for our taste. There were probably too much rice fluor noodle and too little prawns :(

Sliced Fish and Century Egg Congee (RM11.80)

Sliced Fish, Pork and Beef Congee (RM13.80)

The congee was very smooth and full of flavours. Definitely a must-try at Canton-i.

Hong Kong Milk Tea (RM5.50) & Hong Kong Yin Yong (RM5.50)

The milk tea was very strong in flavour.

Jasmine Flower Tea (RM5)

Deep Fried Cuttle Fish with Pepper and Salt (RM12)

I especially liked this dish as the cuttle fish was very crispy and yet very juicy with pepper and salt to taste.

Double Boiled Fresh Milk with Lotus Seed and Ginger Broth (RM8)

I may have found the only place in Penang serving good double boiled fresh milk that can match the one that I had in Hong Kong. A must-try if you are a fan of double boiled milk.

WonTon Noodle with Roasted Pork Belly and Char Siew (RM13.80)

The wonton noodle was done al-dente, just the way I liked it i.e. chewy and springy. The roast meat was of course with no doubt, crispy and crunchy.

Overall, Canton-i has never failed us during our many visits there. The price of food here is a bit on the pricey side but given the quality of food, good service and nice ambiance, Canton-i is worth a visit if you want to enjoy good Cantonese food, the Hong Kong style :)

Queensbay Mall Penang
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