Thursday, August 20, 2009

Restoran First Famous Federal (Lorong Susu)

We were at Restoran First Famous Federal at Lorong Susu which is popular for its roast chicken, roast duck, char siew and roast pork on a Saturday for lunch. They were enjoying brisk business with a sizable lunch crowd.

We ordered the roast duck (Pei Pa duck) and roast pork. The preserved vegetables ('Kiam Chai") soup was on the house and they were very generous with it. Some other chicken and duck rice sellers would have charged for the soup.

The duck skin was crispy and so was the roast pork skin. The preserved vegetables soup was thick, spicy and tasty and came with duck meat and lots of preserved vegetables.

The total bill came to RM21.80 for a plate of roast duck (Pei Pa duck) and roast pork combination and three plates of white rice. My dad feels that the price was very reasonable given the big plate of roast meat ;)

According to, the current owner Eddie Chan inherited his father's forte and expanded the business. His father apparently ran a very popular Hainanese Chicken Rice stall in Penang more than 30 years ago.

Address: 3, Lorong Susu, Pulau Pinang.

Opening hours: 11:00am – 4:00pm (Closed on Monday)

Contact person: Mr. Eddie ChanTel: 014-4545847

(Address and contact info from

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