Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mon rods Kitchen 'Nasi Ayam Periuk Besar'

There is a new eatery named Mon rods Kitchen at the new D'Piazza Mall which serves 'Nasi Ayam Periuk Besar' which literally means 'Big Pot Chicken Rice'.

The interior is contemporary, chic and comfortable.

Their specialty is obviously Chicken Rice with some Noodles, Western Food, snacks, toast, and to my surprise, Omega soft boiled eggs as well.

There are four types of chicken on their menu, Ayam Dot Mai, Ayam Panggang (Barbecued Chicken), Ayam Madu (Honey Chicken) and Ayam Kampung (not available when I was there).

Ayam Dot Mai with Tomato Rice (RM5.70)

Ayam Panggang with Chicken Rice (RM5.50)

Kaya and Butter Toast (RM1.40)

Fresh Lemon Tea

The Ayam Dot Mai was deep fried so it was a bit dry. The tomato rice that came with it also lacked of taste. The Ayam Panggang was grilled well and retained the moisture of the chicken and thus was a better choice. It was served with a special spicy gravy.

The kaya and butter toast was quite a let down. I was hoping for something like the toast at Old Town but the bread served here were just the normal bread and was a bit cold and not crispy enough.

I may come back to try the Ayam Madu since I love the Ayam Madu at the nasi kandar joints.

One of the setbacks of this eatery was the time it took for our food to be served. We had to wait for some 30 minutes before our chicken rice was served. The staircase leading to the first floor of the eatery is also very narrow and is the only avenue for the waiters to send the food upstairs thus slowing down the speed of serving to some extent.

Monrods Kitchen

1-67, D'Piazza Mall,Persiaran Mahsuri, Bayan Baru,11920 Bayan Lepas, Penang.

Tel : 04-6307136 Fax:04-6307133

(Address and contact details from Cariso's blog)

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